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The new Tube Atlas software is a Youtube research desktop app that runs on both PC and Mac.


Tube Atlas is the world’s first Youtube content research desktop software with 12 powerful built-in tools for easily uncovering hidden high-converting videos, channels, trends, top searches, extract unlimited legal content, and A LOT MORE!


People can use this software to ..

  • Research top earning videos, channels, keywords, & trends for their own youtube marketing. Can even extract the estimated ad revenue per video and per channel!
  • Extract emails from video descriptions and channel descriptions to build a list of contacts for you or your clients.
  • Extract unlimited legal content from youtube videos (using the built-in video-to-text tool), then spin and auto-punctuate the content … then, publish it as their own in blog posts, social posts, sales pages, emails, marketing campaigns .. etc.
  • Use the software to conduct research for clients and deliver all sorts of powerful interactive documents that are much BETTER than plain old PDF files
  • Analyze thousands of video comments in just seconds to reveal incredible data .. such as what people love or hate about a product!! You can even discover unknown niche and product ideas just by analyzing comments using the built-in comment analyzer tool
  • Use the built-in web browser to analyze all videos/channels on ANY webpage on Youtube, or ANY webpage on the internet containing youtube video links! (this is a POWERHOUSE feature)
  • In fact, you can extract and analyze all videos from ANY given youtube channel, and then sort the “Estimated Ad Revenue” column to instantly see the top earning videos… in just minutes!


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